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Dedicated Servers - Delhi NCR, India

LeapSwitch Networks offers fully managed and self managed dedicated servers across the globe with the latest Intel/AMD processors and premium Tier 1 bandwidth. All our servers come with RAID capability for data security and IPMI for out of band connectivity. We have servers upto 256 cores , 2TB RAM and 24 HDD, SSD and U.3 NVMe drives capacity. Please contact us if you do not find the configuration that you are looking for. Our 24x7 support team is always here to assist you.

Processor Cores / Threads Memory Storage Bandwidth USD
E5-2667v4 - 3.20 GHz 8 cores / 16 threads8 Cores 16 Threads 32GB DDR4 RAM 2x480GB SSD Storage 10TB / 1Gbps Bandwidth $128 $103 Buy Now
Dual E5-2680v4 - 2.40 GHz 28 cores / 56 threads28 Cores 56 Threads 256GB DDR4 RAM 2x960GB SSD Storage 10TB / 1Gbps Bandwidth $183 $146 Buy Now
EPYC 7313 - 3.0 GHz 16 cores / 32 threads16 Cores 32 Threads 64GB DDR4 RAM 2x960GB NVMe SSD Storage 10TB / 1Gbps Bandwidth $345 $276 Buy Now
Dual EPYC 7313 - 3.00 GHz 32 cores / 64 threads32 Cores 64 Threads 128GB DDR4 RAM 2x960GB NVMe SSD Storage 10TB / 1Gbps Bandwidth $421 $337 Buy Now
EPYC 7543 - 2.80 GHz 32 cores / 64 threads32 Cores 64 Threads 128GB DDR4 RAM 2x960GB NVMe SSD Storage 10TB / 1Gbps Bandwidth $441 $352 Buy Now
Dual EPYC 7543 - 2.80 GHz 64 cores / 128 threads64 Cores 128 Threads 256GB DDR4 RAM 2x1.92 TB NVMe SSD Storage 10TB / 1Gbps Bandwidth $624 $499 Buy Now
EPYC 7763 - 2.45 GHz 64 cores / 96 threads64 Cores 96 Threads 128GB DDR4 RAM 2x1.92 TB NVMe SSD Storage 10TB / 1Gbps Bandwidth $525 $420 Buy Now
Dual EPYC 7763 - 2.45 GHz 128 cores / 192 threads128 Cores 192 Threads 256GB DDR4 RAM 2x3.84TB NVMe SSD Storage 10TB / 1Gbps Bandwidth $803 $642 Buy Now

Advanced Features

Grow fast with Performance
Grow fast with Performance
24/7 Support & Monitoring*
24/7 Support & Monitoring*
Quick deployment
Quick deployment
Hardware Customization
Hardware customization
Initial setup waived off
Initial setup waived off
Server management*
Server management*

All plans include

Free setup
Full Root / Administrator Access
Hardware level access via IPMI
SSD/NVMe drives
99.99% Uptime Guarantee
1G/10G* Port Speed
RAID Controller
24/7 Support via Live Chat, Phone and helpdesk*

Customer Reviews

Leapswitch Network Pvt Ltd has been providing me with all of my website hosting needs, and I couldn't be more pleased with their assistance. Their servers' dependability and speed are impressive, ensuring that my site is constantly operational and responsive. The customer service is excellent and always responds quickly to my questions. My hosting settings can be managed with ease thanks to the user-friendly, intuitive interface. For anyone looking for a dependable hosting solution, I wholeheartedly endorse Leapswitch Network Pvt Ltd.

Nagesh Konge
I am glad to share my exceptional experience with LeapSwitch for their outstanding support and technical expertise in configuring our cloud infrastructure. The journey was made incredibly smooth, all thanks to the remarkable efforts of Mr. Akar Periwal and Mr. Pravin Dodtale, whose profound knowledge, and skills in designing cloud infrastructure left me truly impressed. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the Mr. Ishan Talathi - CEO of LeapSwitch for fostering a culture of excellence that reflects in every interaction and solution provided by the team. The CEO's unwavering support across all parameters further solidified my trust in their services.

Sharad RK
I recently had the pleasure of utilizing the services of leapswitch, and I must say that my experience has been nothing short of exceptional. Fast servers, exemplary support, and overall excellence in web hosting services. If you're looking for a hosting provider that delivers top-notch performance and support, Leapswitch is the way to go. Suraj responded quickly to my question regarding billing and sales

Vishnu Dhanawade
I am in hosting industry as security consultant for more than a decade and dealing with big data centers for the requirements of my customers. But it was lacking Indian Servers with super low cost prices.
Good support team - LeapSwitch successfully mate my requirements. Also - went ahead of their SLA to support my need when required. Kudos. Also - like to mention sales guy Swapnil to help me on all aspect for getting priority support.

I've had an excellent experience with this Hosting Provider. Pravin D provided outstanding support for server setup and prefix management. I highly recommend this Hosting Provider to others for their hosting needs.

Mayank Sharma
Its been more than a year now, I am buying multiple bare metal dedicated servers from Leapswitch for our IT operation requirements, They are highly professional and rapid tech support enabled our IT operation smooth and running 24x7. We are using India location and having recorded 99.99% uptime as described in their SLA. As we are dealing with technology there are some chances that time services went down without prior notification but I really appreciate the reactive support, quick bug fixing, highly trained technical staff make Leapswitch a phenomenal hosting provider in India.

Devarsh Pandya

Frequently asked questions about dedicated servers.

  • What is a Dedicated Server?

    A dedicated server is a type of web hosting where the user leases an entire physical server from a hosting provider, which is exclusively used by the user's website or application. This means that the user has complete control over the server's resources, including the CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth.

    They offer several advantages over other types of hosting, such as shared hosting or virtual private servers (VPS), including: Performance, Security, Customization and Reliability.

  • What is the difference between Self-Managed and Managed Hosting?

    1. Managed Server :-

      Our company manages all hardware, network, virtualization, software, operating system, and control panel issues. The client is only responsible for 3rd party applications and coding related issues.

    2. Self-Managed Server :-

      Our company is responsible for hardware and network support and the virtualization environment, but the client will be responsible for installing, configuring and upgrading the operating system and other required software.

  • What are the Operating System (OS) options available with Dedicated server?

    Operating systems available for dedicated servers are as follows:

    Linux: CentOS 8.x, Ubuntu 22.x, Debian 11.x, Proxmox 7.x, AlmaLinux 9.x, CloudLinux 8.x and others.

    Windows: Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2022 and others.

    Others: Custom OS.

  • Is there a control panel available for managing Dedicated Servers?

    Our servers come with a choice of using cPanel & DirectAdmin (Linux) and Plesk (Windows and Linux) control panels. It allows users to easily manage their servers and perform various tasks, such as configuring server settings, installing software, monitoring server performance, and managing user accounts.

  • How long will my server take to be activated?

    Single CPU with default hardware configuration we aim to activate within 12 hours. For Dual CPU configurations, expected setup time varies from 1-3 days. Please contact sales members of our team and will endeavor to provide an ETA.

  • Can I upgrade my Dedicated Server in future?

    We offer highly customizable and flexible Dedicated Servers. We will transfer all data to Dedicated Server without any downtime and outage.

  • Do you offer RAID with your Dedicated servers?

    It is a standard inclusion with all our Dedicated servers.

  • What is the network uptime you provide on Dedicated Server?

    We provide 99.9% network uptime guarantee SLA.

  • Do you offer any additional services or add-ons for your Dedicated servers?

    Indeed, we provide a range of add-ons and additional services for our dedicated servers, like managed services, Acronis backup options, and custom configurations.

  • Do you provide a BGP session with a Dedicated server?

    Yes, we do offer Dedicated Servers with BGP Connection. We charge $50 one time setup fee for BGP. In both Mumbai DCs we can offer Internet Exchange routes ( around 35000 ) from DeCIX, NIXI and ExtremeIX.